Running Stroop Task on Qualtrics®

Qualtrics® is a widely used platform for data collection using questionnaires and interactive tools. Despite of having a few dedicated platform for running behavioural studies and accurately collecting research data, many researchers still prefer working on Qualtrics® for its superior questionnaire design tools. Although the Stroop task is one of the most used psychological tests, it is not a direct forward process to design it on Qualtrics®. Many steps were described online, yet, most of them are either obsolete or not carefully described. As part of my doctorate, I worked to design Stroop on Qualtrics® and made it as simple as possible so everyone, including myself, can write the code. Please download the attached file and do not forget to cite it as follows:

Assinnari, A. (2020) The JavaScript code of the Stroop task on Qualtrics ®. The University of Sheffield,

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